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Phone Numbers
Voice: (866) 316-7263
Fax: (866) 316-7261

Monday through Friday
9:00am-5:00pm ET

Contact Address

Patient Access Network Foundation
PO Box 221858
Charlotte, NC 28222-1858

Living on a fixed income I really had a problem, because I take 16 different drugs a day

PAN Foundation Specialty Pharmacy Portal

As a specialty pharmacy, you are the vital link between Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation and insured patients seeking our help to meet the copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles required for their medications. We want to make your work easier and more efficient through our dedicated Pharmacy Portal.

The PAN Foundation Specialty Pharmacy Portal lets you:
      Enroll online on behalf of patients
      Access your patient's profile which contains patient account information, claims status, payments, etc.
      Check submitted claims
      Check payment status
      Access patient approval letters which state the amount of assistance patients qualify for
      Send and receive secure messages from PAN case managers about specific patients

    We hope that you and your staff will give the Pharmacy Portal a try and will find it the most convenient way that pharmacies and PAN can work together to help patients receive their medications.

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